Tuesday, December 25, 2007

merry xmas.

i just got back from one of the times where my big family of lemme see hmmm 1.2.3....14 huhu gathered this time, not at usual parent's place but at Al Ameen eating place. i was abit frustrated that my food didnt well, turn up and so i checked out that they actually did not have my order on tat piece of paper and because, well i dont want to spoil the merry-making-makan-lets-be-happy session, i kept my cool and made sure that

1. they didnt actually cook tat first order of mine
2. demanded to order ASAP again cos i was bloody hungry

HOWEVER,luckily there was Mr Pari Bakar to keep my cool haha.
ok,if any guys who would like to ask me out, please ensure pari bakar is in the menu OK. haha. ok, go roll your eyes.

anyway, i heard fireworks at the stroke of 12 midnight just now to mark christmas. between Islam and Christianity, there aint much difference at all. u wanna live safe and be safe, just abide by the rules. and talking about rules, we were on the way back and there was a road-block, obviously checking on DRUNK DRIVERS on this festive eve. remember, drink dont drive, drive dont drink.ride safely, think of your loved ones. okay,i sounded like one save-your-ass-else-you-will-regret advert. HO HO HO:)


oh! i forgot.i am so looking for 26th. :)