Monday, December 17, 2007

Hady Mirza - The First Asian Idol was he too. i remembered one of the emcees saying that Hady wanted to win this title so much, so here it is, Singapore Idol clinched the title. i bet alot will agree that hady's performance on saturday were not tat great,it was just ok. in fact, i was utterly disappointed with his performance NOT until he performed with Jac and the indian idol, it showed how charismatic and versatile he is, with his good looks and humility. if u noticed when he knelt upon hearing the announcement,he must have prayed for a moment to God and how he was so ber-syukor with his hands and looked onto the air as a sign of thankful to God for his rezeki. when the rezeki has his name,it will be definitely be his. Congratulations, Hady Mirza!