Tuesday, December 04, 2007


long long since i last blogged.
well, alottttt of things happened lately(**wink wink).

i am very happy. oh and like finally we adhoc-ly made our way to Arab Street to get our kain songket for cousin's wedding next year!! yada yada bla bla, we couldnt get our dream colors of pink-purple coordination cos as according to the makcik-jual-kain, it will look good if we were to add on the okayyyy..wats tat kain called eh, hmmmm issit satin, lace or something....oh yes! kain lace with the lining inside plus the kain songket for our bottom. buttttt we were thinking, why wear so nice man. we are supposed to help out aka kerja-keras so hack and scrapped tat idea and we went for the songkets for our full attire. the thing is, each of us 4 has different background colors with the main golden prints huhuhu

1st sis - hot purple
2nd sis - mangosteen
3rd sis - hot pink

me - BLACK!!!

hahahahhahahaha hahahhahahaha hahahahhahahahha

ok wat. black makes everyone slim. so let the other plus-size sisters wear wateva colors they like, cos im abit conscious when it comes to GOOODDD BEAUTIFUL pics without regretting anything that has got to do with what i am gonna wear on that day!

next up.

on sat, i was at fareast plaza shopping with family. was at sakura and beside us,was Shah, the anugerah skrin guy, i think. went shopping for i donno how many hours and tat explains the $8.80 deducted from Dad's cashcard for parking!!! then we headed the superb Murtabaks @ Zam zam.

on sunday, was at singapore expo for the Sitex, i had slight headache, then headed to Changi Airport for Popeyes!!!!!! then headed to Vivocity for THE HEARTBREAK KID. omg, that show really gross yo, but seriously ben stiller is hilarious, dammit.

i love him.