Friday, December 28, 2007

update update.

i know, someone has pointed out to me that my blog is like being abandoned with not much entries as compared to my good old days huhu. okay,i know im busy with sms-ing hahahhahahaha hahahhhahah. this morning, i was wakened by THE news of Benazir Bhutto's death. pity pity. cruel cruel, heartless, coward suicide bomber. if hes a Muslim, im utterly ashamed of what a fellow brother had committed. taking lives of others. i wonder where will he end up at, Heaven or Hell. anyone? :)

next pit stop, i want to get hold of island creamery! i dont care, hehe. i heard its heavenly nice. oooo, theres METRO POST CHRISTMAS sale, from 26dec to hmmm errrr, not sure when. then, theres Hady Mirza performing at Punggol for the countdown according to my reliable source. anddd there are quite a number of countdowns around singapore andddd OMG, that reminded me of my time in Sunway. it was deepavali, 2 years ago andddd i was entertained by lotsssss of fireworks from my balcony on the 20th storey. lotsss lotsss of fireworks hehehe. be it from sunway lagoon to as far as near KLCC area. there were like 5-6 locations firing up the artwork. those were the moments, free some more. hehehe. haiz, sud i or sud i not go. Hmmmmmm.....