Thursday, December 20, 2007

this is gonna be a long one.

i have always wanted to blog about this issue since for a long long time. it has been at the back of my mind but its just that i have not really pen them down. this is my blog. and i have views and opinions and you read them or just leave.

i have encountered some remarks/comments from fellow acquaintances, and let me emphasize acquaintances, people who are known to me AND, KNOW FROM WHICH COUNTRY I AM FROM.

acquaints : so,where are you from ?
me : im from singapore
acquaints : ah! singapore (*and they will smile with sparkling eyes*)

in other situations i have encountered like in this case one of the times in malaysia where i stayed for a couple of years,

acquaint : you are so rich, rm1 is just 50cents to u.

f*ckers. u think we are what? from a nation where in the middle lies THE money-making-free-for-all factory is it ?!

i have read news and in fact something recently disturbed me. one of the reasons to why Hady Mirza won was because SINGAPOREANS ARE RICH. dammit. since when? if every single of us are rich, you would have seen all MERCS, BMWs, LEXUS or watever piece of expensive shit on our roads. what kind of stereotyping is that. just because they have friends, fellow colleagues who are singaporeans and are damn rich here, does that mean they should have the perception of singaporeans are rich. goodness.

let me make this clear to all outsiders who do not know how an average Singaporean's life standard is. not everyone has very FAT paycheck. not everyone has diploma/degree qualifications. some are drivers, factory workers, delivery men whose income are not that high. its like trying hard to save abit of money and spending what is important, thats all. medical bills have to be considered also,what if they fall sick? free medical from the government?

if singaporeans are rich, do we hear remarks from them like,

"ok, we will go to that restaurant when i get my pay"

"i have to re-consider that or we can wait for upcoming sale"


christmas sales, hari raya sales, chinese new year sales, deepavali sales. all looking forward to sales. so where the hell does the RICH come from?

i am person who likes to observe my surroundings and the people. i have seen a family with little kids which counted to 5, wearing singlets,shorts,slippers, worn-out dresses eating at macdonalds with their smiles and were cheerful and grateful enough that mummy was buying for them cheeseburgers, french fries though they have to share among them. these are singaporeans whom we acknowledge them from low-income background. so, not everyone is rich. singaporeans are not rich. whatever u think or must have concluded from, you might have looked from the minority who are bloody rich but not everyone of us are.


wenwen said...

jeejee.. the reason why hardy won is becos of the stupid regulation og the voting.. which turn out good for hardy. As u need to vote for two countries representative. And malaysian will vote for theirs n forced to add in sg cos they don wan indonesia's representative to win. Vice versa indo will put in their country n then next is u know la.. haaa.. so in the end hardy has the highest no of votes so tata he won.. haaahaaa.. no bcos we rich loh.. adding on even if all the singaporean votes, it is just a minute percentage of the whole population of malaysia or indonesia votes