Saturday, December 15, 2007

the ganas one.

remember that CHOCOLATE GANAS i wrote about ?

this was another item tat CALLED MY NAME. haha. i was looking for something mango-ish at FAREAST PLAZA at the basement next to the escalator. and somehow i saw something weird on the stall's menu due to my vain-so-never-wear-specs and i didnt expect the mango cubes.very nice. $3.80 i think. its one of their recommendations.

anddd this is from SIAMESE KITCHEN. mango slices with glutinous rice + rich coconut milk. currently, its my sis' top crave :)


m0m0k12 said...

hey2... it lOoks yuMMy!! especially the 1 from Siamese Kitchen. Check out Max Brenner for the chocolates!!