Saturday, June 02, 2007

page turner. pan's labyrinth. paris je t'aime. eh wats up with P's heh.

pan's labyrinth didnt actually attract much of my enthusiasm. and tat faun is bloody ugly, uekks. (BTW, ezie - Quoted from Wikipedia, :P). page turner is hmmm abt err an ultimate revenge over her failed piano exam and abit of INFACTUATION making it worst. is she for real? ok tats beside the point thou it seems like it. more to being her passion that was being ripped off from her soul. damn it tat woman. but that woman, shes HoT despite those wrinkleys. hehe. who is she anyway? paris je t'aime was like yada yada, boring and i didnt finish it BUT this particular guy whos interested in this muslim gal, hes cute thou with his curls :) the only french movie which i really like so far is "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not" casting Audrey Tautou. tats wat i call SUPERB! i love the way the movie is being cleverly presented. for the initial half of the movie, you might think its another stereotyped lovey-dovey romantic movie but not until u reach the other half of the movie and before it even goes into its 10th minute, anyone could have guessed what its actually about :)
Oh well. Pirates Of Carribean 3 is at its ultimate best. I love Johnny!~