Thursday, June 21, 2007

too free.

now that i have so much time in my hands err...wat do i have to do today?

OH. final report for my project. under construction. now tat exams are over and i can give (n -> infinity)% focus to it. OH yeah! bloody hell. ina naim is engaged!! goodness gracious. shes totally over and done with mawi yo! geez aunt must be at the top of the world now that she has got herself engaged leaving mawi err clueless i think. i have not been updating myself with the entertainment news here(yea i know, talking about living here and not knowing anithing abt it), hey that shows that i have given my ultimate commitment to nothing but studies(geez, isnt that pathetic?!) but we had fun wat at times! PLUS the thing that most helped me is that my tv is still in the box, waiting patiently to depart! :)

mak just called. she asked me how was paper yesterday. and not wanting to spoil the mood, i just said "Ok la". wat else can i say? complain to her? its done, past, over.

looking forward to seeing them tomorrow night. before that, wen is gonna acquire her freedom tomoro and we are gonna celebrate it :)

till then..