Sunday, June 03, 2007

il divo.

it doesnt have to take much understanding behind songs of different languages. its universal. the notes, tempo, rhythm etc watever made those songs so beautiful. listening to how its being presented just moved me. below really moved me thou i donno what the hell it means.

Si Tu Me Amas by Il Divo

they are good-looking pple, tats besides the point. i enjoy. they are the gifted ones. same goes for those who are so gifted with good brains. brainy pple. come to think of it, smart ones come into 2 categories

Either you are
1) Smart by nature (genetically-smart, chromosomes cross-over HAHA)

2) Very Hardworking

i don fall into any of the above. sad.
to have 1/3 of these smart asses' brain is just wat i want now!