Tuesday, June 12, 2007

ocean's thirteen.

i pretty much enjoyed brad pitt. hes old. and not to mention george clooney(ezie's REALLY into tat old man haha). brad has style and his bods, ohh..mama. haha. anyway, these two men are nice to be looked at, like duh can touch them ah?

AND the following day, farah and i went to sunway lagoon resort to attend this event organised by the SEVENTEEN magazine (OMGooddd). wat are we thinking? im 27. hello?! and we were in the population of young teens. but thanks very much to wen that she offered her tics to us and we went, grabbed the free goodies, went into the theme park with the hope of spotting hunks with hot bods BUT sadly, AT ONE POINT wat we saw was an eyesore! haha. WOBBLY WOBBLY. HAHA. geez, being on the sands, watching teens grooving and shaking butts, half-naked ones and the bikini-sed ones..just made our day. in the middle of our REVISION period, this is an ULTIMATE GETAWAY. after that, 2 rounds of pool and back to err studying :(


far-- said...

I like George Clooney too. Heck I dreamt that we were together.

He's one heck of a charming guy. At least in my dream he was. Heh.