Thursday, June 21, 2007

its over !

im FREE from any monash exam papers for now!
and watever results its gonna be, i leave it to Fate, hopefully it turns out well.

and and....we (me, aris, arin, nicky, marc) went to One-U for Fantastic 4 and TGIF! and and...reminiscing of wat happened during formal methods 2 classes (buahahahah!), chatting and eating and photo snappings! and and....we ended the day for a drink at the usual hangout makan place.

oh and not long ago, i think it was last friday that the netball gals got together at chicken hartz @ sunway pyramid. it was one hell of a chaotic + non-stop laughter-filled + hilarious games + eating session, for goodness sake, we were like in the middle of the restaurant(16 pple to be exact) and yeah...i need not explain further. it was like we own that place hehe. it was fun. it was a seriously fun gathering. :)

me(tats a specimen), ros, lina and sal @ chicken hartz

netballers @ hartz

zati leaving for aussie soon and rury graduating as well

we after the final paper

me and erin at uni foyer. and monash is moving to brand-new campus nearby and
im so gonna miss the chance of studying there :(