Friday, June 15, 2007


i studied for barely 2 hrs yesterday and made my way back home.
the pc stretched out its arms to me and i gave in.
so i watched History Boys. this bunch of boys, smart asses. oops! aiming for Oxford. they are so err...passionate for lit it seemed thanks to their beloved lit guru, Hector who died at the end of the movie. and this old man touches their GENITAL BALLS. haha. isnt he sick? ANYWAY, theres this clever cute young teacher who happens to be a GAY but actually trying to hide the truth. i think he cant resist even looking at the boys. haha. err..oh ya...there is a future gay among the boys who likes one among them. geez. HAHA. wait a min...what is the message they are trying to bring across? that smart men are gays ? WASTED man and definitely an ANTI-climax for me. and all the boys managed to get into the top unis, not a surprise. so if u r into lit/history/poetry yada yada and into cute guys/gays/smart asses, watch this. hehe. i was bored at that time. that explains it.

ok back to FM2 :(


far-- said...

I watched History boys too! Damn hilarious lah that movie. Think my fave boy or Scripps. The religious guy who was first on the bike w that pervert then he said, "The things I do for Jesus." Lol.

Then I like Rudge too. Reminds me of Sin chan. Haha.

Ohh and Posner too. Such a gd actor lah that guy!

jee1633 said...

rudge=sin chan? haha
similarities in wat sense? size? hehe. im mean.hehe
yeap, posner is a gd actor and that guy who thinks its just the PHASE(thinks hes homosexual), hes voice is LOVELY haha. cute kan cute kan these boys!