Monday, June 25, 2007

TGIF @ One-Utama

err. i forgot wat this was called. its nice!
some baguette spread with butter and tomato fillings. fyi, tats not choc fudge as wat i tot it was. kind of black soya sauce + vinegar!

ok, someone was swearing ROCKY i think ! hehe

omg. how concentrated i was listening to marc err.. crapping at stroke of midnite hehe..marc marc stoning, see there.thank u for the drink marc! this is the hangout makan place where we have been eating our dinner for the past year!

this is ultimate where hp started to ring except mine sob sob.

marcy, nicky, fei, angie (our petnames haha)

we r just happy people. nicky, aris, me and marc.

act cute la ni. menyampah seh

food + laughter + bithching over what we went through for the semester =
entirely awesome!