Saturday, May 26, 2007


my heartBEAT skipped the moment i read the link. tot it was wentworth!

Former 'Prison Break' actor admits manslaughter charge

it has been so long that i have not FAITHFULLY watched Prison Break. Err. its not GROWING into me anymore. i have outgrown them HAHA. same goes for Grey's. the last was Ugly Betty and the rest was history. pple have been talking abt Nip Tuck, Lost. im not into these kind of stuff. wonder what made them going especially Lost. how lost are they, like till Season hmm 3?? Hello people?? i prefer CSI and Monk. investigating stuff and getting around, analysing, mind-boggling methods to find the suspects. Monk is the ultimate selenge kind and smart. CSI guys are HOT, not all..but a few :) the black guy with the afro-like hair, hes cute and the one who processes the blood samples ... i think hes a boy..but a cute one. oh shiat! i forgot the other one. ok wth.

Kacang is back in homeland. Ezie is with her bestie here and Wen with friend are in town for the weekend. and im here stuck with this red file filled with lots of notes to read. yes yes. i am supposed to revise for exams. geez. sucks. yesterday, wen and i had 2 hours of pool and geez.i had great difficulties to focus initially. and its all because of these annoying worries on this particular subject. to this extent, im blody worried and its seriously not myself. pressure might be building up fast SOONER or LATER. oh God. i dont want to S.C.R.E.W up everything.

like wat P.Diddy says

Do that shit do that shit do it
Do that shit do that shit do it
Do that shit do that shit do it
Do that shit do that shit do it


[ e z z y ] said...

GEEEE! ahahaha. i am still awake! anyway, HAHA (points at the photos)..your captions are hilarious. hope studying's going well for you..FOKUS ya?

jee1633 said...

haha. hmm. after the bombardings on 1st Jun which apparently i am "GLAD" for his appearance, im more FOCUSED than ever. haha. those captions are due to my boredom actually, so was trying to "happy-tised" myself at that time.