Monday, June 11, 2007


lately there has been some technical glitch which somehow made my blog went poof! no worries im back and hell yeah, one paper down. now im going through the ordeal of FM2- formale' methodes . HAHA. crap. btw, i miss uncle phang. he taught us FM1 and its far more much easier to digest than this current one. geez. ANYWAY, my life has been evolving around the uni library, cafe, the corridors, project labs, final projectlab, RSB, blue/yellow/hasra shop (monashians here u know). OMGodddd (in stewie style, tat baby from FAMILY GUY), i have not been this HARDWORKING, DILIGENT, STUDIOUS or watever shit u call it. this is to the maximal extreme-thology man! haha. just imagine, being in this state but yet flunk the paper. how sad/pathetic/heart-pain could that be man. oh well, we have to think err ... that ..errr.. SHIT!..WATS THAT FAMOUS PROVERB??!! i forgot. it has to do with being positive..shit shit..wats that proverb? err..forget it!

oh. and Pak Lah is married, wonderful! and there's bird flu in Sungei Buloh and err.. anything from singapore? err. i know that money is coming in this 1st July. haha. my cousin from mersing got married last weekend.(pple are getting married and im just feeling great here haha). OH. cousin! she is goona get onto the dais pretty soon around next MARCH...YEEHAAAA...ok chill. im happy for you.

i cant wait to get over and done with EXAMS. so looking forward to be back with my family back home. err..but one thing that might just pop up is, the fear of bumping into someone back home. yeah. i just hope that it will not happen at all.


Diana said...

yes yes pls get home soon.
Wish u best of the best in your examinations!
You're a smart girl I'm sure you will do well. I pray for ya!

And thank goodness the blog is back. I'm lost reading your blog yg berpindah randah...but you're back :) heheh...sis KL banjir kan..

jee1633 said...

THANK YOU for your good well wishes. er.. i din no KL banjir. however,it has been raining heavily for the past few days here. thank god, it rain. much cooler as compared to the days that the sun was like happily distributing its maximum share to the world. hehe.