Thursday, May 03, 2007

l.o.u.s.y days.

today is a day where THINGS didnt go well. on the other hand, today is one of those days that i seriously stayed in the ever-chilling library to get stuff done. does it have to be like something not right had happened and it made you somehow REALISE ? i guess it is. its like u know a glass of water is in the middle of ur already fully-occupied table but yet u didnt do anything about it UNTIL a foolish move of your hand just knock it down! and there you go saying...SHIT i should have moved this glass to elsewhere. yes, that happened to me T.W.I.C.E

On My Left (Overlooking Sunway Lagoon, towards KLCC,Menara KL)

On My Right(Overlooking Extreme Park Sunway)

the view is splendid so pls pardon the quality of my hp camera.
i have not stayed by my window that long enough looking out at the atmosphere around my area at night until today. lights are everywhere and from the top of the building definitely i can see everything nice. the only sound i could hear are from the crickets and wind. today has ended and soon it is the beginning of another new day.

i miss my parents, siblings, cousin and my little nephews and nieces.

i miss H.O.M.E =]