Sunday, May 20, 2007

my failure.

i sense that among the pple who are reading this blog, somehow someone is not supposed to be reading this blog of mine. if you do, "its not that we are lazy or cant be bothered. we are trying really hard on it" =]

i am clueless. not even for any unit before that i have reached total clueless-ness to this extent in doing this assignment.

im not sure whether it happens to other pple also. during my high school, i had this bloody FIERCE, no-nonsense teacher for English class. i hate her because shes cold, expressionless and strict. things didnt always go right when it came to her lesson. as days passed, my test papers and work for her subject seemed to be going down the drain. things didnt improve and it really showed in my O level results as i failed her subject. i blame her for my failure. strict/fierce/"watever shit u call it" educators wont help students. why is it that i could score A's for my maths subjects and not even a pass for hers?

its not that i didnt try. its the circumstances that didnt give me the chance.