Sunday, May 13, 2007

hell fun.

thanks to muzzy tat we had so much FUN playing Taboo which spanned over hmmmm arnd 7 HOURS!! there were [me,ezie,farah,fahreen] vs [muzzy,hafiz,jervis,farid,naqib]. yep, Battle of the Sexes! HAHA. and the following day, i slept till late noon.goodness.

oh ya, Spidey 3 plan was cancelled. instead, we watched "28 WEEKS Later" which was bloody hell too much a shock to the extent that one scene shocked me big time as thou my heart felt like dropping! AND after that, i enjoyed a bowl of porridge at Uncle Lim's AND AND met Azan from Ruffedge there. Woohooo! Nice! He has a nice voice anyway. AND AND we had fun as Ezie and me were about to leave Uncle Lim's, we heard this noise nearby and to my surprise, we saw a bloody big board hung onto a guy which wrote "Im getting married tomoro"!! HAHA. cool man. his hands were tied at the back, with few empty soft-drink cans tied to his ankles. and his face was like drawn with charcoal stuff. haha. and we were so amused to see him in tat state that one of the guys with him approached us and asked whether we wanted to help him (SABO lah) to earn 12 bucks by asking him to do anithing for the amount we wanted to give him, else he wont be getting married tomoro, definitely NOT IN THAT STATE man! its ultimate KECOH-NESS, and his frens were busy taking photos, and we insisted him to sing 2 songs for 3 bucks. Unchained Melody which STRANGELY he doesnt know the lyrics(DUH!) and William Hung's She Bang with the famous shake. ahhaah. boleh-lah. its a hilarious ending to our day.

i dont understand to why i feel that we are being isolated lately. i know im leaving soon , im not angry for what you really want in your life, its good that you are coping well and whatever you want to do, its your life gal.GOOD LUCK.