Tuesday, May 08, 2007

slacking time.

i know i know. look at the time now. cant help it that i cant sleep properly + im supposed to work on tutorials which i know and the rest know as well that we cant do them some OR/AND at all.hehe

i got hold of this not quite recent song by Kafi titled "Fantasi Cinta". its a catchy track and it might be on my repeat mode for quite some time. ok, whats up with the lovey dovey and jangan-ucap-slamat-tinggal/andai kau pergi themed songs this time heh?

Kafi - fantasia cinta

Dulu kita angankan cinta sehebat kisah lagenda
Aku Laksamana engkau puteri di gunung kita bersemadi
kau aku cinta itulah kata terakhir buat diriku
Jiwa gelisah kita terpisah akan aku tebus dirimu

Cinta kita berdua memang tiada penghalangnya
sekukuh tembok batu pasti juga kan runtuh ku rempuh
Cinta kita berdua seluas langit tanpa hujungnya
Takkan tercari semua terletak di hati

Mereka bilang cintakan hilang sebelum kau temu yang baru
Jika tu benar tak terciptalah puisi ini untuk dirimu
Kau pejam mata fantasi cinta guna mata ketigamu
Aku pimpinmu terbang ke sana tuju istana rahsia

ulang chorus

Hulurkan tanganmu jika kau terjatuh
ku di sini untukmu... (ku disini untukmu)
Kau bersedialah untuk menerima
Cinta yang takkan luntur


"ugly betty" has been on my top list now that each time i am so tied down with stuff and knowin that my tv is nicely packed in the box for now. No No. no tv for this entire semester but still i have loads of movies and serials hehe. oh, cant wait to watch spidey 3 this friday knowing the much HOo Haa about it. pool, a destress mode for the gals, but not a problem for Wen. shes THE ultimate POOL QUEEN having beaten some of our guys. HAHA nice.

Wen's the coach in blue.


Diana said...

Catching spiderman 3 on Friday and playing pool. *SNAP* That's exactly what I did with the guyz + Jude last Friday. Dinner, caught Spidey 3 then off for a few rounds of Pool. Well, i shall not spoilt it for u...just go watch it and see for urself ;)

jee1633 said...