Monday, May 07, 2007


Beautiful Wen.

Midnight. In the middle of road in Putrajaya.

Ladies during Monash Culture Night 07

"Terkenang kampung halaman ku, sob sob". More like baru mati laki HAHA

Hell funny, i forgot what it was about. Ezie's work :)

Lepak-ing at Putrajaya's "complicatedly structured but nice" bridge

Act Cute Num 1, Pretty Zati, Memang Cute Num 2. HEHE

Perasan Betol Minah2 Bridge

Mak. Ampun. Memang lepak on the pavement hehe. Actually after we took this pic, a guard came and chased us away. HAHA

And the most memorable thing happened when we were in front of the Palace of Justice(Putrajaya) and there was a police car chasing after a bike who was playing around with them. HAHA. WHAT AN IRONY.