Monday, May 21, 2007

if (state != studying) then BELOW else BORED/CRAZY.

When the going gets tough, the tough goes shopping. Damn.

Getting ready to talk c*ck, sing song

Lala lulu..sing song @ Galaxy

Yum yummy. My drink, not her. DONT be deceived. HEHE

5 bucks of MURUKU in Bangsar bistro. LER.

ROTIBOY really made me crazy man!

TABOO!! Best! We had hell fun yo! Semangat dok!

The 3 Selamba-ness

Me, Izzati at my hangout food spot.

Uni Project Lab. Me, Aris, Erin, Kai

LIFE WITHOUT FRIENDS IS A NO-LIFE or else will end up in a depression like below



namie said...

lol jee, my picture, in the gambar slamber kita tiga orang kat hasra/yellow/blue tu sgt la kelakar.

gambar2 kamu sgt comel!

jee1633 said...

haha. timer kaseh namie. sesungguhnye aku dikelilingi sahabat2 yg sama2 comel dan selamba. hehe