Tuesday, May 15, 2007

power to the people.

hello people out there. hello hello hello.
i wanna read ur blogs man. so if u do have, please please puhlieeeeeeeeeeezzzzzz.. comment it here k. anyway, im looking forward to..ok hmm lemme rephrase. actually, not looking forward to exams BUT looking forward to whats AFTER the exams and again, not looking forward to exam results, but yeahh...looking forward to (Universal - Exams + Exam Results) hehe. crap lah.

it has been quite sometime that i have been wearing this glaringly white CHEAPO watch of mine and somehow, today a stranger and a Hi-Bye fren complimented it. NICE. oh and tat stranger happens to be a final year Engineering student here, going around asking for voluntary help for his project to actually pose pictures for him as follows:
it is for some kind of facial recognition thingy which i think its cool.past few days have been dull for me. what to expect when its now the 11th week and for the first time in this semester, i MISSED a class. geez. i know i seriously SUX at getting up early in the morning looking at the fact that my class schedule has TOO MANY empty spaces, hehe. ok, ok. what i need from now on is FOCUS. ok Jee, F.O.C.U.S.


[ e z z y ] said...

hello lookie here, i am on the internet :D eh iyaaa donggg, FOKUS gee FOKUS!
who's the Hi-Bye-er?

jee1633 said...

hmm. i know hes frm business, chinese and he remembers my name and i forgot his. name starts with D - hmm Derek ? i was so hoping that he wont ask me whether i know his name haha.

namie said...

yes gee!!
f.o.c.u.s = tumpuan

hahah. sgt random. just dropping by to say "HELLLOOO"