Tuesday, December 26, 2006

rain.bless. Babyface

it has been raining all day with some few stops. oh yesh, before i forget. thank you so much for you guys (including gals too ya ) who have been dropping by intentionally (huhu, u know who u are yo!) or un-intentionally browsing around. i would appreciate a little note but hey..no harm cause i wanna make MORE frens ya =].

it was xmas and future is new year, 2007. 5 more days counting. i just cant wait for january to pass by, next february. in another words, i wanna get over and done with my studies! urghh. the waiting is so painful (isnt tat weird that actually i want my holiday to end that early. hahaha). the longer i stay here, the more intense the feeling and whateva negativities flowing back into me.

mak went shopping for a handbag. and seriously, it matches her Scholl sandals. goodness! and when i asked her how much is it, i was like WAT???!!! is she serious or wat? huhu. the reason being, "dah takder yg lain" (no other choices). OK mak. mak really go for something worth buying despite the pricetag. woahh. im gonna make a wishlist for my graduation soon. hehehe.

(*im having a slight headache*)
Gelare is having its waffles at 1/2 price every Tuesdays. we went and the place was so crowded. yes yes. the mentality. in singapore, when there is good stuff worth spending on, you will see crowds like nobody's business. i guess singaporeans like to spend money on food if they think its worth spending on. Like Saeke Sushi, there was a long queue yo. and wait a min, Cathay Causewaypoint was far too crowded at around late evening. OMG. the queue or should i say the crowd was so huge that they actually queued into part of Banquet also. sis pointed out whats up with the crowd. facing the cineleisure counters, i tried to look for clue. what show are they watching ya. The Curse started last week. It cant be that. Oh Yesh! under SNEAK TODAY column, pasted Death Note 2. No wonder the crowd was so unusual. a fren recommended this movie and its previous. hmmm. im trying to catch Death Note first.

(*headache is worsening*)

i have to go and popin some pills. Babyface will be on next post ya.