Friday, December 22, 2006

Heavy rain = Flood . heartening

its all over the papers in msia and on tv too. sounds so near( like a few kilometers away from Johor Bahru). quite a number of places are badly affected by the flood, and OMG..these pple they are just walking through the floods like nobody's business. wat if they step on snakes! or worst, deep pitholes under the water like it reached up to thighs yo! so scary la. and the water is so muddy + milky brown. i guess sud be of the tanah2 liat (mud) + rainwater = mud water (like how u make teh susu and milo! huhu). my mum called my aunt to check on her and YEAH....shes in Kluang and she got her way to the nearest safe zone area(balai rakyat) to sleep for 3 days. luckily her house was not badly flooded thou it reached knee level onli. but again, all her furnitures and watever in the house, i guess must have malfunctioned and in slightly bad condition.

i was in coffeebean last wednesday. finally to enjoy caramel ice blended after it has been so long i have not drank tat. hmmm. i swear, when was the last time i drank tat in sunway. hmmm..oh yahhh...around like early september. lepas tu dah tak jejak lagi kat coffeebean tu. ya allah! its like being totally forgotten yo! hahhaha. i still remember that guy who used to be working there. practically last semester, i was there like hmmmm twice a WEEK! giler!

oo, being me who likes to SIDETRACK ALOT..i shall go back to my coffeebean story. i stepped in. saw my sis and little niece. sat down on the comfy RED sofa. went to the cashier counter and POP! saw this very familiar chinese gal standing behind the counter. it was like a sudden ELECTRIC feeling going down my spine. tat actually this gal is so familiar. hahhahaha. i RECEIVED THE SAME VIBES too from her. she was like shocked to see me. hahhaha. aku ni muker common lah. she also wat. hahaha. aniwas, i checked her badge and YEAHHH..i remembered her name and ASSISTANT MANAGER seh. huhuu. we were in the same secondary skool. know her not really well. a fren of my fren's fren last time. i was thinking sud i acknowledge her or wat. but on second tots, nahhhh...don need lah. later, she doesnt recognise me, malu to the max man!

i was lepak-ing with my caramel ice blended alone at the sofa cos my sis and niece went off somewhere a while. i did some thinking like woahh... she has gone tat far ya, asst manager. she must have worked like hell, and must have enjoyed making lattes and serving food. huhu. the ambience was nice with the unique setting of the outlet. but the spoiler is that there are so many pple walking past outside the outlet, not tat private thou. macam tgh shiok minom lepak kecoh ngn frens, skali 1 makcik happen to pass by and tegor and u will be like" ahhhhhh......aper khabar? buat aper kat sini? shopping ek? ". tat one will normally come from me. and the next few days, my parents will ask me about my whereabouts at coffeebean. huhuhuh. ok u get wat i mean now? huhu.

finally, i was in danga bay last monday. ohhhh. i know now whatsupp with danga bay. huhu. we onli went one part of the bay where the mall is. frankly, its not tat fascinating. normal shops and not that extravagant except that there is a SECRET RECIPE there. was walking and walking and i saw these weird looking settings in one of the shops. actually i donno whether to call it a shop or not bcos yaaa... its in a shop but theres no salespersons nor normal looking products in it. haha. ok, i saw plant pots and on top of each hangs a board with a picture on it. from far, i was like, what the heck is this place. very the curious, i came closer. Enlarged pictures hanging frm the ceiling and at its bottom, is a plantpot. huhuh. don ask me why its being placed like that. i read carefully on the pictures for any clues (BY THE WAY, THERE WAS NO ONE IN THAT SHOP). i was like...wat the heck..just go in and explore. and goodness ..the more i look at them, the more pictures which captivate my eyes yo. they are photographs taken by diff pple cos i saw their names pasted at the corner bottom. i tell you. some pictures were so dramatically taken esp of cultures and humanity. the more colorful ones are like flowers taken thru micro lens or wateva it is. i was so taken aback by how good those pictures were shot. nice work. and finally i got to know that the photographs are actually being exhibited by the local johor photography society. no wonder.