Friday, December 22, 2006

22 December 06

9 more days to 2007.

so? im so not wasting time on resolution ( hey, wats the malay word for tat ek? huhu luper ar). its like tak kesampaian to get it resoluted every year. huhuuhu. i have GOALS to achieve yo.

as wat my fellow bro aka fren has just said, "so u know wat to do when u return home. find a job and find a hubby". ok fyi, hes a happily married man with lovely wifey and cute son. dalam hatiku berkata "ye laaaahhh...." and i was like "yep. insya-allah" for my reply. hahahaha.

so, wats the hurry kan? im still YOUNG wat. ok self consoling helps sometimes. hehehe.

Cousin ku engaged already and anak saudara ku will be getting married this weekend! OMG. whats happening to the universe wei? and yesterday, i was at sunplaza ...outside a WOMEN's clinic (ok, im not there for pregnancy test fyi) and was sitting at this comfy bench looking and yawning at pple walking past. oh yeah, the foodcourt is just nearby + the ATMs (POSB, OCBC) are there too, so yeahh tats why there are LOTs of pple plus different attitudes are displayed right infront of me. huhu..back to the story, i saw quite a number of big bellies around as in the womb filled with life ya..not those fats-filled ek. hehhehe...

this must be taking advantage of the baby packages maybe or maybe....the sex exhibition they had not long ago at suntec city or spore expo maybe. woahhhh.......interesting yo!

aniwas, my sis taught me chatting in 3D avatar. i guess it should be the latest trend now. and yeahhh..interesting. u get to dress up your avatar bla bla bla....then they have scenes in the 3D window for you to chat up other chatters with their own avatars. ok .... the best part is....they just like to hug my avatar!!! cant they just prompt me first whthr i want to accept the hug or not. goodness, o pls some enhancements yo! its like breaching my privacy. hahhahahah...

i have problem now with my avatar homepage cos of tat st*pid embedding of my videoclip, i cant edit the html code animore. Arghh! and im just so gonna leave it tat wei. my sis kept asking me how isit with my homepage and i was like...bosan la! huhuuhu

more to come yo!