Monday, December 25, 2006

pak pak bing bing . eragon

when ader pak pak bing bing je, sure have TAPAI. and the result of the TAPAI is tadaaaa....SUKSES SUKSES. hhehehehe. its nice and white means alhamdulilah. it rested peacefully while it preserved itself in my room. hehe. check out TAPAI pic below!

me and all my siblings plus ipar duai-s went for the reception to enjoy the FOOD. its so delicious, almaklum kebuluran + it was already like 1.30pm wei. and as usual, me and my sis ni, start the kutuk-mengutuk(ofcos started from the karaoke hahhaha) and the giler2 + crazy antics we two like to do. haha. it was just so nice to be bawah kolong block and being in a wedding reception because it has been quite a long time since my family had one. if i am not wrong, the last wedding reception under my kolong block was like 6 years ago yo! next will be my turn which i donno when will that be. huhu. im just so waiting for cousin to have hers somewhere around 2008. seronok kan!

i got to meet familiar faces like my neighbours. yeah, a smile and acknowledgement is just right and being courteous yo. huhuhu. is tat so me or wat? aniwas, the kuih muih were superb. i love them. we lepak2 at the corner + went over to kepo2 at the other wedding reception next block. hahaha. just to peep at the other newly-wed couple and yeah...i pulled my sis to the front (not as in right into their faces hahha). we started to comment and as usual, it has always been the kutuk-ing stuff. hahaha.MEAN. by the time, anak sedara + wifey came back to sanding, my siblings and i hurriedly salam the mak-pengantin and hurried back to mak's place. and before that, ofcos i sempat tgk my anak sedara + wifey + anak sedara's family had their pic taken. =]

Was at mak's place to gather like any other Sundays. additional guests were my aunt + uncle. opportunity grabbed to plan the meeting time + coordinating meeting places concerning the coming Melaka trip next weekend. Hooray! kecoh dibuatnye yo! my sis pulak sibok used my lappie to check out her avatar. bosan! huhuhu.

its xmas eve, and i sudnt be at home. i must get out. and yeahhh..finally late evening, we were out at causeway point. hooray! hahaha. me n sis decided to watch movie + lantak at banquet (BANQUET has been the MOST HIP and HOT chilling place for the melayuzz and 2 of my sisters are officially Banquet-ers!) ramai giler jgk penduduk melayu woodlands ni ek. after much deciding and considering, we finally bought tics for eragon. since my sis didnt like others and The Holiday, i must watch with my galfren, we are so left with no choice but eragon. its a simple plot. not much of fabulous effects being potrayed. BUT "eragon" is CUTE yo! sis said that he reminded her of Leornado Dicaprio when he starred in Titanic, to which I agree. But sadly to say that, when i saw Leornado in this month's Lime magazine cover at stands, i was like OMG. wat happened to this fella? he look AGED! hehehe. berjabang pulak tu. how old is he anyway? he looks like hmmm 30+. i shall check out later.

after movies, went for light snack at BK. it was like 11pm and there were still lots of pple loitering and chilling out at restaurants. i donno y, but i still felt fresh. hmmm. sis was suggesting to go orchard at that time. i was like..ehhh biar betik! tapi betol jgk eh, boleh see xmas lightups. OK . lets start moving to the bus queue and go home. HAR HAR HAR.