Friday, December 29, 2006

rain.2 days to 2007

rain has been putting me indoor the whole day + sleeping endlessly. now i am so recharged + listening to ma favrit songs.

Currently listening to videoclip: Careless Whisper -George Michael

Hey, he is so HOT when he was much younger! Woah, amazing. But the way he danced, OMG..kind of weird thou.

ok GREAT NEWS for today. i just got to know my dearie darling Ezie has got her new Summer Flavour!!! Ok, u gals who know what this mean, as in YEAHHHH.. i m not kidding.*wink* hey, not that you have disposable hearts lah. its a bit fragile and need to be showered with bla bla bla.

Back to George, yeah... him wearing tat tight shorts...hmmmm..its damn hilarious. plus his wavy hair...huhuh...actually he looked cool with that. btw, how old is he now? 40+?

i have had not enough with babyface. arghhh...his voice is marvellous in Loneliness. arghh!! im going crazy with tat song. huhuhu. check out the strumming guitar near the chorus. i love that!

my tshirts didnt get dried bcos of the forever rain. i have to like iron 6 tshirts till my hand ached man (ok, i dont normally iron my clothes cos they dont crumple easily. this time its an EXCEPTIONAL).

i was at marketplace at early noon. it has been a long time i have not been there yo. as usual, went into the always crowded + slippery market up to one point mak told me to wait outside. and my usual waiting port is at the staircase beside the hawker center. as was reading magazine and sitting at the stairs, this one pakcik who sells food next door was like asking me to take a chair and sit. i was like HUH? . did i look that pathetic sitting at the stairs yo? hhahahhahah....watever.


[ e z z y ] said...

is there sucha thing as a Minah Bunga?
i know there's a Mat Bunga. cos if there IS a Minah Bunga, we both qualify for it like, REALLY well. hahahahaha.

jee1633 said...

HAHHAHAHHAAAH. u r so funny. it sounded so awfully wrong lah. but what the heck. minah bunga pon minah bunga lah..huhu