Friday, December 22, 2006


Im soo cant wait for next week. its when im gonna meet my dear darlings for hmm a belated + advanced befday celebs. huhu. they are so busy with other appointments so we have finally decided to meet up on one of the days, big thanks to farah. hehe. i love you. huhu. oh ya, before that, a movie date with my galfren. hmm. wat movie ek to watch? and finally, to end 2006..i will be in MELAKA YO! so rakyat2 melaka jelata sekalian, tunggu kehadiran Teja k! huhu. i m so gonna update this blog with WATEVER HAPPENINGS gonna take place in melaka soon. HAR HAR HAR. hope its gonna be witty + fun + giler babas thingys.

its friday nite, and what am i doing here ONLINE ? sudnt i be outside like other normal days. huhu. the coldness has been giving me chills right from my neck down to my spine.

btw, i doono whether you know what TAPAI is. ok, its a food and its edible. actually, its something like a rice wrapped with green leaves(alahh the one like banana leaves where you normally put nasi lemak on it). normally these tapai, kampung pple are so good at doing them. which means ME and my generation most probably will STOP these traditional production of TAPAIs. huhu. mean but its true. aniwas, some pple like it so much esp the elderly and some pple dont like it at all even at its slightest smell and existence like 1 meter away. huhuuh.
"oooo, yg bau busuk tu ek"- tat came from my galfren. huhu. after wrapping them nicely with the leaves, they have to be placed and preserved for like 4-5 days before u can open it up and the fragrant smell starts to play around wif your nose. the best part is, there is a condition on HOW these TAPAIs sud be preserved. IT MUST BE PLACED SOMEWHERE TAT gals with period MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO BE EVEN NEAR THEM. ok, im not joking and im not scaring you, but YES. tats the PANTANG (superstitious) among my elderly. and if it happened that someone breaks that pantang, those TAPAIs will be in bad shapes as in not good + smelly + not edible. IN OTHER WORDS, THEY ARE SPOILT. ok y im telling u this is because THE TAPAIs ARE NOW IN MY ROOM AT THIS VERY SECOND. hahahaha. ok, im so gonna look forward to the outcome of the TAPAIs here, like this sunday. so goona blog about it soon. and the interesting part is that, I DONT EAT TAPAIs. heheheehe.