Saturday, December 23, 2006


today is the day where new words are formed bcos of hilarious happenings around me. all bcos of my sistas and lil niece + nephew. starting off with BINO. my nephew arrived looking so pale (and i m serious as in WHITE.ok, hes actually naturally fair and plus the weather was so cold + hes a bit ill). and i was asking sis, hw come so pale? huhu. ok then came the explaining bla bla bla. we walked around the mall and AGAIN i went to my favorite hangout, DAYTONA. fulamak, ramai seh orang..i mean BUDAK2. aper lagi, aku start to warmup ar. ok, frankly i was abit kekok bcos it has been awhile i hold the steering. and i was like wats happening to me ni. hehehe. m i going to lose the touch yo. huhu. i braved myself, picked up speed..hehhehe..and HOORAY....won against budak2 yg bertungkus lumus untuk mengalah kan aku. huhu. and i turned to my right, and this budak cina smiled cheekily to me. huhuh. cute gesture. the next round, just the two of us, a malay boy sitting just to my right. he was like OMG. crashing into me twice. and i was like sabar patient. hehehe. i did not retaliate back cos yeahhh..once in a while , give other pple chance of winning. huhu. looking at how my nephew actually been swiping my Powercard all over the place, i was like..ok lets get out from here.

next we went to the Creative corner where you pay for something you color on a template, with lots of color paint and once done, pass it to the ever grumpy looking salesgals and she will have it COOKED. hahahha..not edible yeahh, to be pasted onto the mirror or wherever you like. you will see the picture of these stuff below. aniwas, nephew was like tak tentu arah applying the paint onto his cartoon template, and sis was so fedup with him. however, after its being cooked, it turned out ooh well nice afterall. its just that something funny came out of it!

we were at macdonalds. niece + nephew took out their colored cartoon template and showed off to us. ofcos mummies are proud of them UNTIL my sis pointed out about the GREEN face the powerpuff has. HAHAHHAHA. my sis as usual being herself, is so wrong and bad at putting colors together. i was like, is your powerpuff gal SICK or wat? hahhahaa. and we started to notice how horrible the colors are being applied. and yeah, she officially announced that BLURRY shall be her name and a new addition to Powerpuff Girls. huhu. it has to start with B aniway.

next, nephew's colored cartoon template. hmmmm....wait a minute. how come the cat's face is WHITE while the rest of its body is pale brown!! hahahahah...and dengan selambanyer....i said...ooooo it was exactly like his face when we first met up just now!! wahahhahahaha..we burst into wicked laughter and i think whoever is sitting at the other end of macdonalds could hear us man! and to make things worst, sis said that its suffering from ALBINO. and yeahhh....BINO shall be its name! OMG! goodness, crazy sistas.

was at our makan place hangout, Banquet! behind me was a lady enjoying her briyani and i kept checking out tat so good-looking haven food. hmmmm...looked so yummy and i was like, hmmmmm...why not try that rather than always the same yong tau fu. and OMG. its superb + delicious + more words i cant think of. a must try. no wonder alot of diners are having it. yummy!