Saturday, November 24, 2007

seriously nightmare.

the week has been like an emotional turmoil for me. seriously, too many things had happened. surprises, coincidence, confused, fate ? im not sure whats the right word. things began, and things ended just like that. well, its my own decision. we are old enough to know and differentiate between whats good and wats not, right. however, smacked in the middle of the week, well, i met up with galfreensssssss hehe. the last i met them was during my convocation in sept. and hell yeah, seriously im just glad to see those sweet faces again :) (ok, don get me wrong heh)

andddd i had a seriously bad bad nightmare. u know like when u actually dreamt that u were crying and actually when u woke up and found yourself ACTUALLY crying, hmmm mine is along that line somewhere but its not tears actually. i dreamt that i was somewhere with frens and somehow i blacked out. but the thing is, following the blackout, it wasnt me who actually was going thru the next thing im going to tell. there were 2 gals who seemed to drown and had their faces in the water. and there were lots of policemen/divers to save them. THEN, somehow one of the gals was alive and the police were trying hard to save her. then, he got her to breathe again. but then, they have to send her somewhere else along the waters which is quite funny also because they actually put her into an inflatable raft and asked another police to assist and PUSH the raft along to the other side somewhere. but actually, this other police is a badddd one who wanted to KILL her actually. and the scary part is that, it was ME who was in the raft and the police's hands were actually trying to STRANGLE me my grabbing my throat. seriously. i mean seriously it was so scary. he tried so many times to grab my throat but somehow, something was pulling him from the waters. and actually, i wanted to wake up from the nightmare and i found myself NOT able to breathe cos seriously i felt my throat was held so tight, something like choked and i was so scared that i opened up my eyes, not able to swallow my throat and seriously, i was glad that i was alive. it happened this morning, and i seriously donno whats that about. that was such a scary, near-death nightmare.
wat i can analyse from this nightmare is that, one tried hard to save my life and the other wanted me dead. scary right?!


m0m0k12 said...

byknye 'seriously', seriously... whahhahaa... Aniwae, dont think toO much, k.. Think u're jus toO tired and exhausted.. :)