Monday, November 05, 2007

humans dont feel satisfied.

when u have curls, u want straightened.
when u have straight, u want those fancy perms/curls.

when i had mine, i was bored with my fringe.

and so.....

and i was called a penyangak becos of this hairstyle.

life is so unfair.

Me : Aper mak cakap? Jeejee mcm penyangak ????????

Mum: Bukan kau. Rambot kau tu nampak mcm penyangak (and she said it will all the expressions she had to give)

Me :(looking at my dad) Ayahhhhhhhh.......

and i got it cleared from my mum ON THE SPOT.

lucky she said its MY hair and not myself.


all hells will break loose i tell u.