Tuesday, November 20, 2007

better better.

my eyelid has recovered thanks to the $45 worth of medicine! antibiotics pills are like as big as my fingernail, how NOT to recover.

well well well. the past few days had been hmmmmmm GREATTTTTT cos i was out most of the time and that if i were to continue staying at home for the rest of the day, sooner or later, i would have a permanent migraine. theres nothing good on tv, seriously. i mean like most of the time, it will be either my parents with the MIMPI MANIS vcdssss, god knows how many times mum has repeated the show OR little niece will be with her LAzy Town/Spongebob/watever cartoons on the cable. so where is the love mannnn..hehe

no more driving practicals for me, perhaps until end of next month maybe. sigh. miss my instructors already boo hoo. okay, since it has passed and i have completely GOTTEN OVER IT, this was wat happened.

1) 10 points for strike kerb at crank course (Tester asked me, did i feel the strike kerb. i said nooooo, i didnt feel it. and he said yes, i strike the kerb)

circuit got cleared and i went to road

2) 4 points for going up 2nd gear while turning right at traffic light (that was wat i have been doing during practicals. but tester said becos of that gearshift, i cant control with one hand and my turning sometimes too wide)

3) this one, was the mistake i really regretted making. opposite Bukit Gombak Mrt station, there is this bus stop and a traffic light. and so i was behind the bus at the bus stop and my mistake was to overtake it. and so, when i was at the right lane, the lights turned YELLOW andddddd i actually stopped on the crossing blocking the pedestrians. tat cost me 10 points.

tester said actually my mistakes are avoidable.

despite all this, im just glad that he commented that my road driving was good esp the lane change. oh well, the route was an easy one plus ofcos the skills huhu. so yep, hopefully the next one i get will be an easier one too.