Thursday, November 22, 2007

"Dare you follow your heart?"

i came upon a title at Popular few days back.
the cupid effect by Dorothy Doomson
and it was listed on the "most popular list". my personal favorite has always been the HOTTT Cecelia Ahern. however this time, dorothy caught my attention esp its title.i mean its so interesting the min i read the pinkish title and hopped over to the back and well, its like the lead character's kinda playin cupid un-intentionally which has got something to do with her aura i guess. i have yet to reach half the book butttt u know, its something like being in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time. leaving everything back in hometown, being somewhere else according to heart's desire. her style of writing reminded of ME cos she has the style of putting braces at some of her ending lines(like this!). huhu. i like it :)

a potential personal favorite i think.