Thursday, November 01, 2007


the news just came. i didnt expect to be rejected. how can i be rejected? i strongly believe i had the relevant skills. almost everything i had.

and farking worst, i had my practical prior to the news.
and due to this farking news, i had dizzy spell.

my driving was farking RUBBISH.
i almost ran down a motorcylist.
my poles fell TWICE during parallel parking.

all this thanks to the farking farking farking news.

2 days ago, i had all the good comments. and today, this farking, rubbish driving of mine happened.

farking moody.
farking unhappy.
farking farkers.


[ e z z y ] said...

fret not, i'm sure the future opportunity you'll be landed with is one that'll suit you best, insya'Allah. as long as you don't give up putting in the effort no matter how tiring it is (:

oooh i was about to say i forgot whom i was referring to and it hit me again.
the Farah's dotdotdot..on friendster..rings any bell?
in case he*cough*she googled you then found this spot haha.
was just a random comment to bug you, don't take it too seriously ;)
and i am convinced jembalang di perantauan tu reads my blog.

HAHA sedap je i eh.

jee said...

thanks ezie.

oh the dotdotdot. been having local traffic, so not sure whether among them is the dotdotdot :)

jembalang eh.
tanah? air? huhu.

Diana said...

ok..loads of farking....watever it is I have no idea. But still I wish you the best in all that you plan and wish for!

jee said...

hey diana. it hasnt been good for me lately. tats all i can say for now.