Wednesday, November 07, 2007

for the lost time.

it has actually knocked some sense into myself that actually, love can be in all kinds of form. for the period of lost time and the distance, i hope that i am making up for it. love and concern no matter how big or small it is, it does make a difference. the matter to show it or not, plays a big part in growing-up. u know, if you were a kid barely below 7 and living in a family where all hells break loose, where is the love man?

to be someone who is filled with lotsss of loveeee and careeee, it just flow internally. if you have these in yourself, why not share them right? my point is, share the love, show the concern. be it to mother, father, siblings, nephewss, niecess and whoever it is.

especially to the younger ones. who, what and how to develop them into the person you want them to be when they grow up, greatly depends on us.

where is the love.

sidetrack. news have been around about a 50 year old Singaporean woman who died at some posh condo and some not-so-good-details about her having a "toyboy" popped out. how tragic that death is. and the one who got suspected (or charged?) happened to be an Algerian. andddd tat reminded me offfffff my lecturer. huhu. okayy, gals u know whom i am referring to :)

university students? hello. squeeze and sponge off these wealthy&lonely women to earn extra bucks. where are the brains? okay, i know. whats the use of the good looks rite. buttt still. ergh. tat is soooooo disgusting. i mean letting yourself, your body being TOYED(ok, that sounded so wrong cos im imagining Ken being TOYED rite now) wahahaha.

Future university testimonial:
For 4 years, I have been a great toy (pleasure).