Tuesday, November 13, 2007

counting down.

yepyep. countdown starts now. 3 more days to TP.
the last prac didnt go so well. basically becos mood started at a very low point so the rest that followed screwed up.

1) almost hit a speeding cab (1st attempt lane changing)
2) too close to a lorry on my right cos i was trying to inch into the lane (2nd attempt lane changing)
3) stopped ON the zebra crossing (immediate failure)
4) engine stalled twice when parallel parking

u see, all came down to mood/tone. when things are not usually normal and esp when very important event is just around the corner, the slightest non-normal thing will definitely distract my focus. focus is very important here man. and i failed to get to tat point during the last prac. so when i lost focus, came the anger and things didnt work out well at all. how am i gonna go through the test then? :(