Sunday, March 02, 2008


currently the massive manhunt of Mas Selamat Kastari is sending chill down my spine esp when i was at bedok mrt station last fri. the presence of police guards with those guns,just like one of the scenes in the movies where either aliens attack earth or alien and predator happens to make earth of all places to fight or spread of a very infectious , dangerous plague in the city and they have to cordoned off the city or on well, similarly terrorism. :)

have not been that well since fri after i had my first training with fellow colleague. my voice almost sounded like one mak bondah whom my beloved ezie is very well known for HAHAHAHA. in just flash, we are already in march. i still have my driving test this mid-march. damn damn damn. when can i ever get this done and over with.

upcoming IT Show 2008 will be from 6th-9th March 08 @ Suntec City. confirm pack like crazy. most probly i can go and check out new mobile line subscription or something that might interest myself.


[ e z z y ] said...

EH THANKS EH for the special feature under the category of Mak Bondah -.-

sungguh tak glamer. hahahahaha

whoisjee. said...

saya telah membaca "belog" anda. beul-betul janggal apabila saya membacanya. walau apa pun, tahniah kepada anda dan adek anda yang kuit muit.