Saturday, February 23, 2008

counting days ?

exactly 13 more days to cousin's bigggg day and we know she's all excited and nervous. i am the official runner for her wedding. we have been so close for all our lives and i still can remember on her one of her early befdays, those old skul orange cooking plastic pondok-pondok utensils flew ALL OVER THE PLACE when actually someone took a candid shot of her, with her cute tokcang. that is so classic yo! and i was there so puzzled witnessing tat very frightening behavior then haha. and this same gal is getting married sooonnnn. i bet she will be like come-take-my-photos kinda mood on her big day :)

last night, like finally it is weekend and to let our hair/hands/feets downnn, i decided to chillex in starbucks and we spent almost 3.5 hours chatting the past, present and future, each of us with our caramel machiatto and new york cheese. how wonderful was that before she becomes THE isteri orang :) i did learn some new stuff like how waterbag breaks (?) and how the baby should be positioned, the legs or head at the entrance during due time(?) and i think i got the position all mixed up. haha. how her galfren wanted to present her with 24 hela of kain putih HUHUHU for her wedding. ok, if u know what tat means good haha else, too badddd. how her tok kadi's name coincidentally happens to be the combination of her 2 witnesses' names whom one happens to be my father. we had great laugh, seriously. from wedding prep to current work stories to future plans.

work has been great so far except for the stinky smell in the centre which we seriously do not have any idea where it comes from. smells like from a sewage or something. yucks, puit.

on a lighter note, here i am, a very proud owner of an Adidas watch which i had mentioned not long ago in my archived entry except that i did not settle for the black and gold edition but instead it is .....

i wanted the limited edition last time but after looking at this, i changed my mind. white limited edition is like 21 bucks more. the ahmoi stated limited editions are nett prices so not wanting to end up wearing the similar watch with my instructor, i settled for this.

if i am not mistaken, my Monash gals are gonna start the new semester this coming Monday. i wish you gals a very great semester, study smart, have fun with activities and the best of the best company around yeaa. JIA YOU!


[ e z z y ] said...

how's my favourite Career Woman lately!
ooo the adidas watch is hot! you & your signature white stuffs hehe.
can't wait for you to get your butt down hereeeee.

whoisjee. said...

yes! :)
insya'allah, my butt will reach before the rest! hehe.