Sunday, February 14, 2010

Long Holiday.

A prosperous Tiger New Year to all celebrating this festive.

How fast time flies. We are in the mid Feb now. Work contract is going to end this March. Changes will be happening soon at work. People will be very busy. Nevertheless, I do not care neither less nor more. What I have in mind now is to move on. That is permanently staying put in an organization. I hope that one will land SOON, Insya'allah.

Work aside. Play time. Oh yes. Like finally, I tried EighteenChefs. And it is recommended. Especially if you like Pasta. For me, I love it so no complaints. Apart from Pastamania, I have this alternative. And it is way cheaper, if you don't choose the ex ingredients. Can try making your own pasta/baked rice :).

Planning to RWS next week and am looking forward to end Feb and more plans in March :)