Saturday, April 10, 2010

bubbly bibbly blubby is back.

WOW. jennifer hudson is HOTTTTTT.

Ok, that's wayyy too side-track-ed. We have stepped in the 4th month of 2010. For now, and for me, it looks quite a smooth-sail in terms of work. Now that I have an additional role up my shoulder, I really hope that I can succeed in it so that my resume looks prettier :). Not saying it is difficult or easy, but I hope I can survive *Well, no one says it's gonna be easy :)* But someone really has high expectation of me. Needless to specify who it is, I will put my best-est foot front.

We have 8 months to go before I turn 30! Arghh. Oh shit. Not 8. It's 7. Arghhh. Wait, shall I start on my TO-DO-B4-30 list ?!! hehe. The last thing in that list will be to go for holiday WITHOUT my parents. hahaha. Not malaysia, but wayyy further probably heh. Bangkok is out due to the Redshirts. Indonesia, been there. China, Ok that is reserved for next year. Australia, dammit. Big sista is over @ Perth now for 2 weeks! Europe, ok..I do not wish to continue anymore because that place, it will not happen this year for sure.

Another sista actually asked me along for Umrah. But the thing is, I am not ready. Money, time and hijab. For sure, I will be ready if I were to settle down in a permanent job with more leave days to pounce on :) This is the hindrance. Well, God will make it happen for me when the time is right.

Last week of March, a couple of galfrens, guys and myself hopped onto Batam for a day. Never been there and so, I was abit "jakun". Most of the time spent on walking and them, lots of shopping. hehe. I was looking forward to seafood and yeah baby, it was good and cheap! Gals, too bad lah the massage didn't work for you. hehehe. The makcik indon who massaged me was a solid one. The biggest spender went to one of the guys :). Such an irony right.

Early April, it was Amyra's 6th birthday. Oh, to be precised it was on 6th. Big girl now. And a very smart and talkative one. Presents and cake cutting after a couple of years in hiatus mode. It turned out all well. Next Saturday is one of the nephew's 9th birthday. Mum was giving ideas to celebrate in a hotel room. Alot of $$ to spend lei. :) If for my birthday, ok lah. haha. Wait, I am reserving that idea for my own.

Since I have this PAssion card, I have been watching movies like nobody's business. Hell yeah! Very good deal. Anytime, anyday, it now costs me $7 only. What else can beat that man. Unless you use NETS @ $6 from Mon-Thurs. But hell yeah, 7 bucks for weekends! Wooohoooo.

So far, I have watched :

Alice in Wonderland - 6.5/10
Whip It - 7/10 ( I love Ellen Page! )
How to train your Dragon - 6/10
Date Night (Just last night, and it was a good laugh!) - 8/10

Later this afternoon, I am hopping over to JB for shopping!! This time round the 2 kids will be tagging along. OMG. I have 2 new little buddies to accompany me for movies and shopping. hahaha. Habis lah duit aku. hehe. :) But actually, it is fun to have them around. One who is so talkative and the other one, mischievous. As long as they behave when I bring them out, it shouldn't be a problem. :)

I love them!

Miss Talkative.

Mr Mischievous.

The crazy aunt.

The moment I saw the flyer, I had to go and eat them! These are the cheesy bites @ Pizza Hut! They made a comeback!

Seafood @ Harbour Bay, Batam.

Ok, I think it's quite a drool right.

Movies I am planning to watch soon :

1. Kick Ass
2. Last Song
3. Bounty Hunter
4. Shutter Island
5. Iron Man 2

Fuh. Kiasu Singaporean, Make full use of the card lar hor :))