Saturday, January 09, 2010

A great year to start with.

Finally, we met. How many donkey years have we not seen each other while here ? HAHAHA. Ok, I exaggerated. I am expecting more of these to come soon :) It has been a great long while since I catched up with the rest of my Monashians. :)

I am so looking forward to Max Brenner and Mr Popeye next week with beloved mini-es. My little..errrr..what do I call him eh ? Oh. Nephew! Wah liewwww, it just slipped off my mind, that word haha. It's my cousin's darling son's first year this coming week. So his celebration is on the way. Lucky lucky boy. Pictures..more pictures coming up soon.

I have been wanting to have CHIPETTES plush toys!! Where the hellio can I get them man? Yaaa, chipettes and alvin & gang altogether. Damnier. Argh. Pls someone pls tell me. Geez.