Sunday, April 11, 2010

Family is the most important thing in life.

Do not miss the times with your family. Pressure at work is part and parcel of life.

During my poly days, what I only think of was going out with friends and staying out late @ night. Chalets, BBQ, school activities/camps.

When I was in a relationship, for close to 2.5 years I stick with him anywhere and everywhere. Went against all odds to be together but at last, it didn't work out. I gave up.

Being away, I have missed a lot of things with my family during my uni days.

Things happen for lots of reasons. I am putting my best foot out to become a better daughter, sister and an aunt. :)

I do not want whatever happened to me in the past to repeat again. Failed Love and work. I hope for a safe smooth-sail. I hope the best for my parents. :)

I am very sure that they miss the Old Me. The bubbly and loud one. :)