Sunday, April 11, 2010

I am in groggy mode.

We had "fun" yesterday to Jaya Jusco @ Tebrau City. We MISSED the bridge! hahaha. As usual, mum made some noise. Luckily dad was cool. Hahaha. Cos partly it was my mistake of telling him NOT to go up the bridge. And second, when we U-turn to go back to the junction BELOW the bridge, we MISSED it again. And we were on our way to BUKIT INDAH/NUSAJAYA/TUAS. haha. But we didn't give up cos I really must shop! haha. And at last, we reached and the time clocked was @ 6.30 PM. We got out of the JB checkpoint at around 5. So the "fun" ride from checkpoint to our destination actually roughly doubled! hehe. Thanks to me. hehe.

Anyways, we kept our cool because we want to have fun eating! And so behold the spread below. :)

I was so super dooper hungry ( skipped bfast and lunch ) that we, the 4 adults shared 1.5 whole chicken. Buahaha. I tell you, the parts are HUGE. Dad and I took half chicken each. :) The total bill was like around $70. Not bad.

I shopped in only one area of Jusco dept for nearly 2 hours. Fuh.

The kids went to Toys R Us and ended up with swords and shields. OMG! Syafiq couldn't find his birthday present there so yeaa, they ended battling. :)

We came late and ended late too till to the extent that the mall dropped most of their entrance gates. haha. Nevertheless, reaching SGP in an hour's time. That is totally great!