Thursday, July 12, 2007

next phase.

gladly to annnounce that finally i am officially done\finished\"enuff is enuff" (hehe) with Monash (err, anything categorised as "the rest" BUT "study" was FUN! saw it rite!) and going on to the next phase and hopefully, it turns out good (err, not marriage heh :P), thou i have yet to find that tiny miny source of light at the end of the tunnel BUT im sure it will go well :)

i like this pic!

cos it has me lah ofcos haha +
being stranded along a highway and its cool yo, hanging out till the wee of hours hehe err to be exact, it was this morning!

more pics of my weekend which will be spent with the whole bloody big structured + nosensetical siblings of mine! ok pics shall do the talking! soooonn.....

I dedicate this to all friends I have known during my Monash days in Sunway, no matter how long and how short the friendship and acquaintance is/will/was. Shall not forget you guys. Do continue to strive and achieve what has been aimed. Do continue to soar, continue until that one fine day you will finally understand that what you have gone through for all that 3 years of studies, is just so worth it :)

~~~~ Farah, Ezie, Wen, Aris, Erin, Nicholas, Marc, JJ, Khai, Jason , Far, Ros, Izzati, Namie, Rury, Rai, Sal, Yani, Remi, Lina, Jane, Aqilla, Abang, Hafiz, Farahzilla, Nana, Jervis, Fareed, Naqim, Mus, Fahreen, Sunny, Kanya, Jac, Peisan, Zaid ~~~~


far-- said...

my mom met alif at lot one the other day! haha. she said he was trying to eat alone without all that attention and bcoz my mom was alone, he decided to sit beside her.

he was eating in a hurry and my mom minding her own business also. then once he was done, my mom tegur dia, "You Alif rite? Gd luck okay?"

Alif went wide eyed and surprised, "Okok. thank u cik!"

haha cuteness lah.

jee1633 said...

cute boy + nice voice :)

Farah said...

I hope it's blum basi...
Congrats!! :D

jee1633 said...

Thanks farah! belum basi cos cert is not with me till 8 sept! hehe :)