Monday, July 02, 2007



julia roberts is with her third now. not bad not bad. im so in love with her, i mean her acting. erin brockovich was an eye-opener for me, seriously!

coming down to celebs in msia, never have i came across during my entire stay here, celebs that are as famous as errr..Datuk Siti! haha. fat hope, i know.

i came across a ruffedge member at sunway pyramid, i think i have mentioned this in my previous post. Jay jay (alamak, is that how its spelled???) with family at my usual makan hangout and THE HOT ONE recently, Ashraff Sinclair(GOl & Gincu) at Cineleisure Damansara, all thanks to my GLASSES!! that i can see like from 10 km away!! haha. ok im kidding. and my ass got shoved between ezila farhana due to her ultimate excitement and the holding rail of the escalator. all because of one dude! haha. hilarious!

other than that, its being at the wrong place at the wrong time besides the point that i dont usually put on my glasses and who knows that there were others that i happily shoved and bumped and passed haha.

next box office - Die Hard 4.0. so looking forward to this ultimate "Hero Tua"! (old Hero). oh btw, took me a while to realise that its awesome. I love ISACC!!!


Il Divo in Liverpool - Si Tu Me Amas

Ultimate Powerhouse!

Version of "Unbreak My Heart". Beautiful!

i think the HOTTEST is...


[ e z z y ] said...

ahahahaha thankew for telling the world i have a huge ass. and the ruffedge member we met was Azan la.

jee1633 said...

haha.definitely mine is the ultimate one lah. feeling better? haha