Sunday, July 15, 2007

great feast.

three days were filled with nothing but food. seriously! we kept eating and eating non-stop! not including the BBQ food, whateva were edible, we munched! haha. we concluded that its either being so near to the sea or that the wind that made us so hungry. haha. so it either made us HUNGRY or SLEEPY. make sense or not? the only PHYSICAL activity we played was Treasure Hunt. bloody fun man. who else organised, see the leg lah. hehe. seeing pple running around just tickled me and made me err perspire too. overall it was fun especially having pple around who know how to BBQ without burning the whole feast hehe and the BBQ chef did a good job too.(hint hint: me lah! :)). bcos we had to checkout quite early, we went to sembawang park to finish off ALL the uncooked food left which were quite of abundance and voila, we had a hefty brunch there! yesh lah. this is one of the best BBQs i had ever. nothing beats family gathering!