Friday, July 20, 2007

i cant believe it.

i am appalled at the way Aliff sang Sedang Ingin Cinta during Anugerah Finals ? is he the singapore version of Mawi in the sense, King SMS ? i bet.


Diana said...

well, how could u bring up anuar zain in comparison to a new-bie 16 yrs old?

In my opinion, they both have a special gifts to sing. But nothing beats my fav singer..if u talking M'sia and S'pore lah we not talking in comparison to mat salleh singer.

I still am in search of some1 who can really sing like anuar zain. We have to admit, there is not many hard-working MALE SINGER like him still standing strong. I mean don't include those overly exposed sms kings and reality show sort of singer (they are good in their own way). We talking abt getting it the hard way and retaining it.

Am I bragging here...opps I brag at the wrong blog ahahha...should probably continue at my own blog...

jee1633 said...

haha. a constructive opinion. see, from a point of view of a very loyal fan :) :) but err.. is he sissy ? haha, ok tats from someone else heh! :) dont throw "tulangs" at me !