Sunday, July 29, 2007

life life.

life has never been the same since i came back :) nothing beats being back in homeland!!

taking the familiar feeder buses, paying stuff in SGD and sometimes looking at the 1901 hotdog's price of 2.80 just knocked myself in the head tat how come so cheap!!! hehe. geez, im back home and im back and yesh, being back in homeland and yeahhh... :) ok i dont mean to sound so PATRIOTIC or letting out my "i love singapore" feelings!! haha just becos National Day is just around the corner. but 3 years being out of this country and living on my own on my FaMa's scholarship (hehe :P), its an experience tat sometimes i feel tat when im back here, i feel just the same, doing stuff independently of which i dont know whether its a good thing or not looking at the fact that i am with my family now and i really donno wat other responsibilites i have to put on my back besides errr....FINDING JOB! ok, tats so not a topic to talk about. patience and wait and watever it takes to get an interview, fresh grads just have to face it. gotta face the reality thou.

ooo ooo. national day loonggg holiday is another getaway again !! soon, and where else but MELAKA. all around and around and it comes back to the same old state! ahha. my parents hail from melaka, so wat can i expect? unless they originate from places far away like Italy, Spain ahhaa and err..ok stop, i wont be even blogging abt my life here ! cousin was like asking me, if i were to play a music instrument, what would i choose? i would choose..ok....this word i just learnt..dont laugh! PERCUSSION! "tabla", DRUMS. hehe. im a rhythmic + good sense of coordination person yo, so i might consider enrolling in a course in tat pretty soon! :)