Friday, July 20, 2007


BTL lessons @ BBDC were fun with cousin esp that we can just laugh hysterically at those jokes by the instructors. seriously jokers! how i just wish lessons in MONASH were that interesting of which an exception for Dr Lim speaking of which gave me very good and unexpected grade for software engineering hehe :) :) all smiles here!

so looking forward for practices later. and goodness gracious practically there are no practical lessons for august! and realising that there are also ADULTS who are in the same shoes as us whom at a later stage of life taking our driving lessons! phew, i tot we were the only ones hehe. at least, we know we are not the isolated humans. hey, even makciks also learn driving, but auto trans :) but seriously, i m amazed at their sheer determination of wanting to own that precious license to KILL if we as drivers DONT drive CAREFULLY, correct?

watching accidents (crashing/flying/chaining ones..) captured from CCTV along highways/major roads really chilled my spines man! i was like errr..gasped with my mouth wide opened like 2 apples can fit in.

Cars and Motors are KILLING MACHINES. it all lies within the attitude of the drivers. Wah, steady, ok or not? :)