Tuesday, February 12, 2008

go dont see sun, come back dont see sun.

that actually came from my mum which i DIRECTLY translated them from malay. mummy,mum,momma,mak. if i dont go to work, who is gonna contribute to your already FULFILLED monthly income hehe.

CNY was pretty long. to make very long story short, 7th and 8th, we were in Melaka, to be exact it was FLOATING LAKEVIEW RESORT in Air Keroh which is just an OK, decent place inclusive of the non-functional swimming pool and the so-called lake which looked like it has been months not being maintained. yeaaa baby, imagine the greenish kind of water where u can find in the lokangs of TMNT. the furnitures were decently ok actually minus off how quiet and isolated it was and one of the lifts actually blackout on us once AND as for activities wise, it suck bad time except for the futsal court and eventually, my whole siblings and inlaws got addicted to SUDOKU cos i am their master ofcos :):):)

fret no more, there is always JAYA JUSCO for shopping. i bought quite a number of office wear at very good prices. thank God that they have just replenished new stocks of apparels so it was splendid.

we extended our stay for another day but this time, we shifted to PUTRI RESORT. i tell you, it is much much way bestestttttt than the former. the adult swimming pool is bloody huge yo, with depth of 1.2m all around and they have 2 kids pool with a mini slide each. they have those kinda modern concrete waterfall. altogether they looked so GRAND AND AWESOME after agonising at Floating Lakeview's "STATE-OF-THE-ART" swimming pool and environment. floating lakeview is actually arranging maintenance for the pool and their other 1001 stuff so yeaaa, it might take ages.

the bloody big adults' pool on the left. notice the many steps in the foreground. actually water is flowing like waterfall.

the kids' pools on the far right. click on above image to zoom in clearer

by the way, PUTRI has one snooker table in one of its cafe where i dont see much people around EXCEPT for the coffehouse where guests go and leave for daily breakfast.

overall, it was a decent holiday. after seeing one of the blogger's trip to beaches in north malaysia, i feel like going there too mannn :)

see,the kids looked so happy playing with one another despite the sucky resort. but hell, they seriously enjoyed the kids' pools in Putri :)


[ e z z y ] said...

oh so that's where someone disappeared off to! hahahaha..glad to see you had..fun(?)
but whatever happens, family vacations are always fun yea..

and is it just me or did amyra grow even rounder? hehehh

whoisjee. said...

haha, no tricks played. its fully rounded. haha. she has full complete meals everydayyyyy. well-fed. haha.